Workshop in Sound – The Forum Music Centre, Darlington

On arrival Phil Wilson, Technical Manager at The Forum Music Centre, showed us round the recording and rehearsal studios and the main stage and arena.

We learnt about Health and Safety backstage, and at festivals, and afterwards looked for 9 hazards on stage that Phil had set up for us, and a Mars Bar. We found the Mars Bar, but only one of us found all 9 hazards!

We next learnt all about different cables, their names, connections, uses, and how to neatly coil and store them.

After a tea and coffee break, we moved to setting up a small mixing desk, speakers and amp. We tried out the mics and played around with the effects.

Finally, we moved to the digital mixing desk, were given a demo, and had a go twiddling various knobs and trying out various effects and faders.

It was interesting and informative and lots of fun. I can’t wait to try out my new knowledge and skills, hopefully helping out at a festival in Tees Valley this summer.