Volunteer with Tees Valley Festivals

"Recruiting and supporting volunteers, working on festivals and events across the Tees Valley."

There are many reasons to volunteer with Tees Valley Festivals:

We offer an exciting programme of training: from customer service, front of house, and confidence building to event management, music and lighting production, artist liaison and collaboration, and individual artistic practice and development.

There are currently 19 exciting festivals and events to get involved with and we would love you to be part of their development, their organisation, and their success.

exciting programme of training Includes

Customer Service

Front of house

Music & Lighting Production

Artist Liaison

“We are a consortium of individuals and organisations in the Tees Valley which undertake regular creative and cultural festivals. The network has developed across a varied portfolio of festivals encompassing visual arts, outdoor performance and music.

We aim to raise the profile and enhance the social and economic wellbeing of the Tees Valley through collaborative and creative practice.”

Funders & Sponsors